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Event Brief

Similar to any war mission, the success of anti-submarine warfare is contingent on the correct use of the right technologies, intelligence, doctrine, tactics, training and experience. Technology in submarine and surface ship platform and sensor systems is constantly improving, and this calls for continuous training with advanced capabilities in real world situations.

The ability of submarines to covertly approach their targets and launch an attack remains a significant vulnerability to all navies. While ASW is the obvious solution to the threat, the reality is that that ASW deployment is a complex process.

Course Objective

This four day course is intended for officers and engineers specialising in ASW. This course will discuss extensively ASW systems and their use, and the systems that submarines employ in conducting their operational tasks. Additional material relating to this specialised area of warfare area addresses, include torpedo defence, signature management and mission planning.



Rex Patrick is the Director of ACOUSTIC FORCE, a company that specialises in the training of operational, engineering, scientific and management personnel engaged or associated with the acoustic aspects of submarine warfare, anti submarine warfare, mine warfare and military hydrography.

Rex has worked in sonar and acoustics field for over twenty six (26) years. Eleven of these years were spent in the Royal Australian Navy in a combat system engineering role where he gained extensive “at sea” hardware and software maintenance experience and where he was exposed to the operational employment of sonar.

Course Agenda

For more details on course agenda, please click here

Who Should Attend

This programme is specially designed for sonar specialists, operators and engineers both from the military and research and development institutions.

  • Undersea Warfare
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Acoustics
  • Sensors Systems
  • Naval/Underwater Systems
  • Marine Weapons and Electronics
  • Hydrography
  • (Top)
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    What past delegates said about our past training courses?

    “The trainer is very experienced. I enjoyed the 3 days.”
    Regular Instructor, RSN
    Anti-Submarine Warfare 2011

    “The trainer is professional. He stayed on the subject and with information available on open source. Good bridge between operator and engineer.”
    Sonar Engineer, RSN
    Sonar Engineering, Nov 2010

    “The trainer shared with us a lot of valuable experiences which is not easily found on the internet. He made the course interesting and allowed beginners like me to appreciate sonar processing. He is also very willing to share his work with us even when there are out of coverage of this training.”
    Research Engineer, Sensors Division, DSO National Laboratories
    Sonar Engineering, Oct 2010